Istanbul Immersion

Sprawling across the two continents of Europe and Asia, Istanbul is a unique, gorgeous and vibrant city bursting with arts, great food, and fabulous architecture all overlaid on millennia of history.

Two expat Americans have devised a clever way to deepen the Istanbul experience by helping visitors to experience the artistic energy that fuels the city by way of their own clever, creativity workshops. Seductively entitled “Playing Around Istanbul,” their program is designed to engage the mind, recharge the spirit, release creativity and expand cultural horizons.

Melissa Dinwiddie, artist, “inspirationist” and “blogiste” and Kelly Hevel, a long-time Istanbul-resident who has made it her business to poke into the “back doors” of her adopted home will guide you into the hidden nooks and crannies to meet local artists and a variety of lively characters – people and places tourists could never discover on their own.

One date only: September 30 – October 7, 2012.  Wind through the back streets of old Istanbul to visit exotic crafts-in-progress such as an ebru studio (Turkish paper marbling), glassmaking, a painter of miniatures, a fine calligrapher, a textile expert, and a karagoz, a pro who makes Turkish shadow puppets.  Afternoons are devoted to the city must-see’s – the 1500-year old Underground Cistern (mysterious and fascinating) the monumental Haghia Sophia, the 17th century Blue Mosque, Cagaloglu Hamam (a 300 year-old Turkish bath and open for business!), the Topkapi Palace (home to the Ottoman sultans for 400 years) and the ever-wild Grand Bazaar.

Priced well at approximately $2075 for a shared double (with various enticing discounts)  the play-around fee covers eight nights in a fine traditional hotel in the heart of the historic Sultanahmet district, generous buffet breakfasts, creativity workshops and afternoon tours.

Melissa and Kelly are offering a clever, fun and under-the-radar way to explore one of the most fabulous cities on earth. For all details, please click: