Air-to-Air Combat

Deep in the heart of the American desert, in Mesa, Arizona, Fighter Combat International School can zoom you to stratospheric learning heights. From their menu, for beginners, we’d select the Aerobatic lesson: get strapped in for a 20-minute mid-air lesson (they fly, you scream)  in a state-of-the art plane.  For the more adventurous or advanced, check out a combat half-day lesson that simulates the jet-fighter experience. Wheew. You and the pilot-instructor are up front in this two-seater with dual controls … so you can actually try out your lesson live at 250 mph.  Should you have even extra reserves of adrenaline that require siphoning off, do consider their “intensive” five-day program.  Hero photos available.

Sorry Frank Sinatra, “Fly me to the Moon” somehow pales in comparison.

Call 866-359-4273 or click: Fighter Combat and check out their far out gift ideas.