Paw Prints!

Track African Cats in Namibian Highlands

This summer, multi-award winning non-profit Biosphere Expeditions will lead a small group of global volunteers deep into the heart of Namibia to help conduct a scientific survey of African cat behavior. Join them for what will surely be a transformative experience of a lifetime.

No pussies in this scene.  We are talking leopard, caracal, and cheetah.

West of Windhoek, Namibia’s capitol in the remote Khomas Hochland (highlands), volunteers will brush up on their bush skills and then follow collared cats on foot and in expedition Land Rovers to collect and record behavioral data.

Tasks are: conduct game counts,  participate in community education, accompany school children on game drives/hikes, and if you are brave, you may also assist with cat capturing and collaring  – all in an effort to mitigate human-wildlife conflict and create a sustainable future for all in the Khomas Hochland.

A team consists of 12 members, 1-3 local scientists and one expedition leader.  The first group-team departs from Windhoek on July 29 and returns August 10, 2012.  Then one departs in August, three in September and one in October.  All are 12-nighters but if serious and dedicated, you can sign on for more than one segment.

NB: This is not a military style ‘boot-camp’. They assure the volunteers will be comfortable, safe and well-fed.  Base camp is rustic, but comfortable: safari tents with beds, linens, mosquito netting and basic furniture. There are hot showers, toilets, a communal lounge, rest areas with hammocks and a kitchen.

Scientific knowledge or training is not required. There are no age limits although a moderate fitness level is basic, and although much of the work will be done from Land Rovers, one also needs to be able to walk for about 5 km, sometimes under the hot sun and sometimes on irregular mountainous terrain.

To participate in this over-the-top thrilling and important expedition the land-only cost is $2590. For exact dates and other equally wild research trips click:  To contact their US office in Florida call 800-407-5761.

Leapin’ Leopards!

Way past wild…

Indefatigable and intrepid multi-award-winning, UK-based Biosphere Expeditions offers eco-adventures all over for volunteers but we love the leopard study ones to Oman, the exotic sultanate on the Arabian Peninsula, and Namibia, bordered by two immense African deserts –and land rich in unique wildlife and fantastic, otherworldly scenery.

Thrillingly, volunteers (you!) will work alongside scientists of the Royal Omani Court in the Dhofar region of southern Oman as part of a small international team to monitor the life of the elusive Arabian leopard.

From the field base in desert and mountain camps in both countries, volunteers venture out in expedition Land Rovers and on foot looking for tracks that indicate leopard life, surveying the surrounding waterholes for leopard prey such as gazelle, ibex, and hyrax, setting up cameras, and talking to the locals.

Camps are well-equipped, reached on foot or by Land Rover with the assistance of luggage-laden camels. Sleep in comfortable dome tents; survive on Bedouin-style meals and enjoy a peak lifetime experience together with a small group team.  Not an endurance contest. They do their best to make participants comfortable and a great trip for solo travelers.

Biosphere offers one- and two-week trips; very well priced, and very, very high value.  These learning adventures sell out the minute they are announced and no surprise: many are award-winners. Check the latest dates and prices and also their other wild ecoventures, such as coral reef study in Honduras, jaguar and puma study in Brazil, dolphins in the Azores, and whale sharks in the Maldives!

Click: In the U. S. call 800-407-5761.