Best Job Ever? A Costa Rica Luxury Internship

The Costa Rica based Cayuga Collection, nine award-winning eco- lodges, resorts and hotels in different regions of Costa Rica and Nicaragua, is looking for qualified interns to help perfect delivery of its high-end hospitality.

While age doesn’t matter, attitude does. Their 2013 Eco-Internship is a working vacation in a country of enormous biodiversity and natural beauty.  Help with recycling, composting, beach cleanups, local schools and charities. Conservation help is also needed with tree planting and wild cat tracking.

And here is the best part: interns are needed to test the bedding, the hotel amenities, the food, and even check out spa services.  Selected interns will not be paid but accommodations are free, as are meals, tours and services as company’s basic premise is thoroughly tested: ecotourism tourism can also be luxurious.

“Our goal is to attract discerning interns who can help us ensure that we deliver that perfect blend of sustainable hospitality and luxury,” says Hans Pfister, co-founder and president of the Cayuga Collection. “Every year, we welcome young interns who work hard on our programs; but now we need a well-travelled person or couple who can test our blend of high-end service and responsible tourism.”

Application deadline is Earth Day, April 22, 2013.  The process is short, online and to-the-point with questions like, “why should Cayuga choose you?” and, “what do you bring to the table compared to other potential applicants?”

Interns will be asked to write about their experiences on Cayuga’s blog as they ‘work’ through the amenities with an eye to evaluating and improving the rooms, bungalows, casitas or villas; the daily meals; tours and activities such as rainforest and waterfall hikes, canopy tours, river rafting, horseback riding, mangrove kayaking and surfing; spa and wellness services, cooking classes, dance and Spanish language classes.

But it won’t be all fun and games—an emphasis on philanthropy is also part of the deal. Interns will be asked to raise and donate a minimum of $750 (tax deductible) to put towards the Cayuga community initiative of their choice through the company’s charity fund. Successful applicants will then put the money they raise into action during their internship.