You’ll Never Walk Alone…

Travel fantasy:  be guided  gently, step by step, through the heart of a city, town or village, along intriguing paths, in special places all over the world.  Follow well-crafted itineraries, hang out with top local guides, sleep in premium, locally-owned accommodations, and scarf down fine food and wine… the best and most reflective of the local scene.


Cited as stellar in all the top travel magazines  (how about “World’s Best”  list of Travel + Leisure), multi-award winning Country Walkers is offering  a seductive discount to enthusiastic walkers who might be traveling solo:  they’re knocking off the nasty old single supplement fees on 14 of their most popular Guided Walking Adventures. The offer is two free single supplements per trip– a total of 54 rich experiences- very well-priced, throughout 2014.

Adventurous walking will place you in the midst of like-minded souls – the perfect format for those travelling solo.

Click on 14 for 2014 Solo Savings to reveal a vast array of wonderful walking adventures.

Turn your high beams onto the most exotic trip: Laos, Vietnam & Cambodia. This welcoming terrain is combined with a mega-dose of the heady Khmer, French Colonial and Chinese cultural mix.  Walk into local towns, villages and partially obliterated temples, passing silent monks in saffron robes.  3-5 miles a day.

For the macho among us, check out Europe’s apex alpine, one of Country Walker’s most challenging: The Mont Blanc Circuit requires 6-7 trekking hours a day through France, Italy and Switzerland on paths that will lead close to heaven on earth.



And for deep rooted traditional charm, the hills and dales of Dingle Bay in Ireland delivers a walk along the wildly dramatic North Atlantic beaches bordered by dense forests. Explore early Christian and UNESCO World Heritage sites, castles, half-ruined abbeys and forts… Easy and amazing at 3-6 miles a day.


Foodie Alert: Travel to Japan With All-Star Chef David Bouley

Chef David Bouley, James Beard Award-winner, is offering a rather scrumptious way for you to see Japan. It’s an exclusive adventure to see, taste, smell and feel the country focusing on its unique cuisine.  Award-winning  Asia Transpacific Journeys has just announced a one-shot itinerary March 4-13, 2013, in collaboration with Food & Wine Magazine.

With insights and access that only Chef Bouley and Food & Wine can offer, this tour promises first-class exposure to the best of Japan:  meet craftsmen, enjoy tea ceremonies, art, shopping, temples and shrines for nine days. On the journey, Bouley will introduce and explore this

“rich culture full of health, passion and detail,” and one, he feels, “will give greater quality-of-life choices when participants return home to the West.”

Explore TokyoNagano and Kyoto as culinary insiders in super-duper first class style all the way.


… an early morning Tokyo outing to the Tsukiji Fish Market, Japan’s largest and busiest, featuring the famously frenzied really early morning Tuna Auction.  A private cooking class to be co-hosted by a Japanese chef and Chef Bouley at Ecole Tsuji Tokyo, Japan’s top culinary school. Bullet train to Matsumoto in Nagano, the Japanese Alps. Visit the exotic Daio Wasabi Nojo (herb) farm, largest and most beautiful in the country.  Hang out, sip a sake and bottle-it-yourself in a brewery. Then bullet back to Kyoto and to the world-renown 400-year old ultimate Japanese inn, the Tawaraya Ryokan, home of the original “who’s who” of celeb guest books, and near the Nishiki food market, 135 intensely colorful shops crowded into two snaking small blocks. Geisha farewell dinner in Kyoto.

The price of $10,995.00 per person, double basis is hefty but this is a trip not to be missed—even if you’ve already been.