Real and Live

Every fall, Great White Adventures offers tours to the rocky Farallon Islands located in the Pacific, 26 miles west of San Francisco.  Their professional crew and staff have created tours whereby one can actually witness the ferocious drama of great whites feeding on elephant seals.  Whew.

You can view too from the comfort of their modern, well-equipped “Superfish” dive boat, or if that isn’t wild enough, you can be plunked down into the deep waters in a diving cage (breathing via a “hookah” line.) Although you might imagine that people are “beating down the doors” to sign up, the cage only holds 4 divers at a time. Space is thus limited.

Farther afield than the Farallons, the highly experienced Great White Adventure also runs their tours near the Isla de Guadalupe off the coast of Baja, and in the Galapagos off mainland.  Click on: www.greatwhiteadventures.com