The really Deep South

Most people believe that Charles Darwin developed his theory of natural selection in the Galapagos Islands off the coast of Ecuador. However, his two prior years in Patagonia on the H.M.S. Beagle was the experience that most influenced his ground breaking first book, Origin of Species.

In celebration of Darwin’s 200th birthday, the 64-cabin Via Australis (a five-deck ship built in 2005) is offering two unique cruises mirroring Darwin’s original adventure at the end of the earth. Sail through the fabled Straits of Magellan, the Beagle Channel and glorious Glacier Alley to explore Wulaia Bay and Mount Darwin. Peak experience here is a visit much farther south to Cape Horn, the ultimate southernmost tip of Chile. One more inch, and you are off the map.

While sailing through rocky inlets and vast wilderness, well-known Darwin scholars, John Woram and Gerardo Bartolome, who lecture in English and Spanish, offer enriching and educational lectures and easy en-route discussions.

The Patagonian summer sailing season starts mid September and ends mid-April … This fall the Via Australis will cruise for three nights from Ushuaia (Argentina) the southernmost city in the world, to Punta Arenas (southernmost city in Chile) $759 pp and/or four nights back to Ushuaia. $1,198 per person.

With more than 17 years of experience, Cruceros Australis owns and operates 3 special cruise ships that navigate the Southern Patagonia waters where Chile and Argentina get all mixed up in the zillions of fjords and archipelagos. For exact dates and more info, please click, email, or call 877-678-3772.