“Travel Trophies” website is linked to Janet Rodgers’ newsletter – “One to Go!” as well as to her Forbes.com travel blog.

This eclectic, vibrant website is an ever-growing collection of distinctive tours and trips selected to attract solo travelers (and others) –the neo-nomads, culturally curious, and geographically energetic.

Trips are selected by their content, style, service, as well as ambience and value. Trips that are transformational.

Think of “Travel Trophies” as a tray of extraordinary travel hors d’oeuvres served on a silver platter; trips that are authentic, exceptional experiences…all pithily delivered in enticing travel “bites.” No travel offered is constrained by any commercial considerations.

There is no cost to subscribe to “One to Go!” and all tours/trips/travel ideas are hyperlinked directly to the source.

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